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The Petarian Association

Eminent Petarians Worldwide

A Petarian is expected to be a person of exemplary character, superior intelligence, extremely hardworking, ultimate piety, ultimate bravery and courage, honest, outspoken, creative, despising corruption, fighting oppression, seeking national unity. He is a soldier for national integrity and a builder of the nation. In front of the Quaid Hall in the main Administration Building, you will find two large wooden boards with the Code of Conduct of a Petarian. Please click on the link to view this code.


The college has established a position of great repute for itself in Pakistan. Without a doubt, it is considered to be one of the finest institutions in the country, providing quality education and an opportunity to develop a well-rounded personality. This is reflected in the very large number of Petarians who have excelled in almost every field of life within Pakistan and abroad. They attained positions of eminence in every walk of life - in the Armed Forces of Pakistan, in government services (Civil Services and elected offices), in Police services, in Industry, in Business & Trade, in Management, in Technology, in Medicine, in Educational Institutions, in Agriculture, in Journalism, in national Sports, in public service and in the Entertainment industry.
  • In Government - President, Ministers & Elected Representatives
    Kit no./ House Name   Position Attained
    991/J Asif Ali Zardari   President of Pakistan, Federal Minister & ex-Senator
    58/L Mohammed Rafi Kachelo   Minister of Communications, Govt. of Sindh
    195/J Liaquat Ali Jatoi   Federal Minister of Industries, Chief Minister of Sindh, MNA
    424/LF Ch. Nouraiz Shakoor Khan   Federal Minister of Petroleum, Federal Minister for Science & Technology, MNA
    577/LF Faisal Malik   Advisor (Minister rank) to Chief Minister Sindh on Environment
    695/A Dr. Asim Hussain   Federal Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources, Senator
    788/L Lt.Col.(R) Younus Changezi   Baluchistan Minister of Forests, Environment,  MPA
    833/J Inayat Ali Shah   MPA, Sindh
    6896/L Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza   Sindh Home Minister, MNA, MPA
    7109/A Hasan Ali Chaniho   Sindh Minister for Agriculture
    7199/A Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim   Chief Minister of Sindh, MPA, MNA
    72104/L Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi   Federal Minister of Communications, MNA, MPA, Sindh Minister of Communications, Food & Agriculture
    72117/I Asad Ali Shah   Advisor (Minister rank) to Chief Minister Sindh on Finance
    7530/Q Dr. Abdul Wahid Soomro   MNA, MPA, Minister in Govt. of Sindh
    7717/I Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah   MPA & Dy. Speaker, Sindh Assembly
    7823/I Asim Kabir Khanzada   MPA, Sindh
    8712/Q Dr. Nisar Ahmed Choudhary   MNA
  • In Government - Public Servants
    Kit no./House Name   Position Attained
    106/J Mahboob Alam Ansari   Conservator of Wildlife, Sindh
    114/A Jalaluddin Suhail   Joint Secretary, Federal Govt.
    151/LF Muhammad Akbar Bugti   Commissioner, Income Tax
    161/A Iqbal Ahmed Turk   M.D. Korangi Fisheries Harbour Authority
    171/J Dr. Hadi Bux Jatoi   Director General Health, Sindh
    203/A Ashiq Hussain Shah   Secretary, P&D, Govt. of Sindh
    217/J M. Shahid Ilyas Dhami   Advisor to President of Pakistan on Science
    238/J Zaffar Ahmad Khan   Chairman, Karachi Stock Exchange
    280/J Mohammed Zafar Khan   Joint Secretary, Federal Govt.
    284/A Col(R) Mir Akbar Ali Khan   M.D. Sindh Engineering Ltd.
    308/J Cdre. Golam Rabbani   Chairman, Chittagong Port Authority, and MD Korean Export Processing Zone Bangladesh
    317/LF Iqbal Ahmed Jumani   Commissioner, Income Tax
    327/LF Zubair Asadullah Tunio   EVP, PTCL
    368/A Nawal Rai N. Oad   Commissioner, Income Tax
    376/J Maj.(R) Shaukat Nawaz Janjua   Jt. Secretary, Ministry of Defence
    426/A Nashat Raffi   Member, Federal Public Service Commission
    467/J Aftab Ahmed Memon   Secretary, Information, Govt. of Sindh
    477/LF Fayaz Bashir Warraich   Commissioner, Faisalabad
    517/L Maj.(R) Attaullah Khan   Secretary, Govt. of NWFP, CEO FATA Development Authority
    578/J Rear Adm(R) Shahid Farooq   Chairman, National Telecom Corp.
    605/J Malik Asif Hayat   Federal Secretary for Railways
    613/A Niaz M. Jafar   Secretary Fisheries, Baluchistan
    635/LF Aslam Chandio   M.D., Javedan Cement, PIDC
    695/A Dr. Asim Hussain   Chairman, National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB)
    889/Q Dr. Muhammad Abdul Wajid   Federal Joint Secretary
    931/I Zulfiqar Ali Kazmi   Secretary CBR
    942/LF Syed Raheel Nasir Shah   Chairman, Karachi Water & Sewerage Board
    963/A Syed Ghulam Qadir Shah Jamote   Director General, National Commission for Employment & HR Development
    966/J Ch. M. Azam Samma   Federal Jt. Secretary / Member FBR
    68118/L Qabool Ahmed Shaikh   Chief Administrator, Sindh Auqaf
    7220/L Kausar Iqbal Malik   DG, NAB, Islamabad
    7428/LF Qazi Shahid Pervez   Secretary Local Government, Balochistan
    7749/J Hassan Mehmood Yousufzai   MD, Small Industries Development Board, NWFP
    8251/A Abdul Aziz Uqaili   Additional Finance Secretary, Sindh
  • In the Pakistan Army
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    332/A Syed Parvez Shahid Lieut. General in Pakistan Army
    745/A Najeeb Tariq Major General  in Pakistan Army
    129/L Amanullah Khan Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    174/J Khurshid Ahmed Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    297/LF Abid Abaidullah Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    445/I Javed Iqbal Cheema Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    453/L Khalid Aslam Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    468/A Masood Kamal Alvi Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    511/Q Mukhtar Ahmed Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    519/J Arshad Zaman Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    533/A Nasim Akhtar Khan Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    553/Q Abdul Jaleel Khan Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    579/L Syed Muhammad Mujtaba Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    588/A Arif Rasool Qureshi Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    713/J Tariq Rasool Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    735/A Mansoor Saeed Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    845/Q Jawed Khan Alpial Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    872/J Mohammad Salik Javed Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    6808/J M. Liaquat Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    6813/J Murad Khan Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    68121/L Ghulam Qadir Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    6840/LF Maqsoodul Hassan Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    68141/LF Zahid Majid Sheikh Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    68160/L Tariq Aslam Surgeon Brig in Pakistan Army
    6984/Q Mukhtar Hussain Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    72124/J Pervaiz Sarwar Brigadier in Pakistan Army
    Y-20 Tariq Sohail Brigadier in Pakistan Army
  • In the Pakistan Navy
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    236/J Farooq Rashid Vice Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    763/J Shahid Iqbal Vice Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    768/J Muhammad Shafi Vice Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    69118/I Azher Shamim Anwer Vice Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    121/L Anisur Rehman Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    196/L Bakhat Ali Jumani Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    227/LF Azhar Hussain Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    263/A Saeed Ahmed Sargana Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    426/A Nashat Raffi Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    578/J Shahid Farooq Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    585/J Abrar Hussain Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    940/J Waqar Siddiq Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    N-12/LF Syed Khawar Ali Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    7019/J Khawaja Ghazanfar Husssain Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    N-43/LF Khan Hasham Bin Siddique Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    7375/A Syed Arifullah Hussaini Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    7394/Q Shah Sohail Masood Rear Admiral in Pakistan Navy
    18/A Zainul Abedin Shah Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    69/L Mirza Ashfaque Beg Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    83/L Ejaz Rasool Chaudhri Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    211/LF Qamar Hashim Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    260/J Syed Ahmed Nadeem Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    288/L Mirza Arshad Hussain Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    308/J Golam Rabbani Commodore in Bangladesh Navy
    582/J Nisar Ahmed Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    589/LF Muhammad Abid Saleem Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    847/Q Raja Riaz Hussain Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    944/A Zafar Mahmood Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    955/Q Iqbal Ahmed Memon Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    6857/LF Sajid Ali Hashmi Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    68142/A Imran Ansari Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    6938/L Habib Tariq Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    6973/J Muhammad Iqbal Bajwa Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    7076/A Tariq Waheed Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    7117/I Naseem Anwar Khan Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    7133/A Syed Hasan Mustafa Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    7178/I Farrukh Mahfooz Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    7179/J Muhammad Aslam Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    7189/I Syed Imdad Imam Jafri Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    7387/LF Rahat Mahmood Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    73125/I Imtiaz Ahmed Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    7784/Q Asif Majeed Butt Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    77117/J Khalid Pervaiz Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    77122/Q Muhammad Hisham Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    N-3/I Mohammad Asif Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    N-11/A Naveed Ahmed Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    N-16/J Javaid Manzoor Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    N-17/A Tariq Aziz Adenwala Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    N-25/Q Nadeem Afzal Qureshi Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    N-28/Q Shafqat Jawed Commodore in Pakistan Navy
    N-69/Q Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Commodore in Pakistan Navy
  • In Pakistan Air Force
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    98/J Khayyam Durrani Air Commodore in Pakistan Air Force
    490/J Rehmatullah Khan Air Commodore in Pakistan Air Force
    6871/J Aftab Iqbal Air Commodore in Pakistan Air Force
    7101/J Gulzar Ahmed Khan Janjua Air Commodore in Pakistan Air Force
    7159/I Mohammad Ashfaque Arain Air Commodore in Pakistan Air Force
    7171/I Humayun Khurshid Air Commodore in Pakistan Air Force
    7343/J Perci E. Virjee Air Commodore in Pakistan Air Force
    7390/J Shahjehan Sattar Khan Air Commodore in Pakistan Air Force
  • In Police Service
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    177/LF Ghulam Qadir Mahar DIG, Sindh Police
    251/L Mohammad Mohsin Panwhar DIG, Sindh Police
    262/L M. Azam Khan DIG, Motorway Police
    385/J Akhtar Hussain Memon DIG, Sindh Police
    425/J Ghulam Mohammed Malkani DIG, Sindh Police
    546/L Ghulam Hussain Khoso DIG, Sindh Prisons
    603/LF Masood Sharif Khattak DG, Intelligence Bureau
    605/J Malik Asif Hayat IGP, Punjab
    606/L Mian Zaheer Ahmed IGP, Islamabad
    7238/L Bashir Ahmed Memon DIG, Sindh Police
    7403/A Ghulam Qadir Thebo DIG, Sindh Police
    7703/A Allah Dino Khowaja DIG, Sindh Police
    79AA/J Muzaffar Shaikh DIG, Sindh Police
    79bb/L Abdul Khalique Shaikh DIG, Sindh Police
    82cc/J Siddiqui SP, Sindh Police
  • In Foreign Service
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    7256/L Dr. Khalilullah Kazi Ambassador of Pakistan
    Y-29/I Tanveer Ahmed Khaskheli Ambassador of Pakistan
    795/A Dr. Fazlur Rahman Kazi Minister
    887/LF Muhammad Saeed Khan Consul General / DHM
    925/LF Amjad Majid Abbasi Consul General / Head of Chancery
    73105/A Shah M. Jamal Consul General / Minister
    7462/L M. Nadeem Khan First Secretary / Head of Chancery
    74110/I Dr. Syed Rizwan Ahmed First Secretary / Head of Chancery
  • In Business
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    18/A Cdre(R) Z.A. Shah CEO, Tabuk Security Agency, Karachi
    46/LF Cdr.(R)Najmuddin Ansari M.D. Commander Assoc, Karachi
    48/LF Anwar M.F. Memon President, Soil Probe Ltd., Canada
    51/L Shaukat Hayat Jumani Owner Petrol business, Karachi
    97/A Ahmed Hussain Makhdoom CEO, Makhdum International, Singapore
    126/J Dost Mohammad Baloch GM, Matiari Sugar Mills
    216/L Hasan Akhtar Zaidi CEO, Star Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
    225/L Col(R) Ghulam Mohiuddin CEO, Citi Travel, Karachi
    227/LF Rear Adm(R) Azhar Hussain MD, Karachi Shipyard & Engg Works
    238/J Zaffar Ahmed Khan President, Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd., Chairman PTCL
    290/LF Mirza Jawaid Baig CEO, Baig Arabia, Saudi Arabia
    306/J Ghalib Mansoor M.D. Adarts
    309//A Naseem Ahmad Farooqi M.D., Amour Textiles
    312/L Altaf Ahmed Cheema CEO, Badar Industries, Gujranwala
    323/L Laman Allah Syed CEO, Nowshera PVC (Pvt) Ltd.
    336/L Salim Ahmed Mastan CEO, AEIG, USA
    340/A Muhammad Wasim MD, Petaro Products (Pvt) Ltd.
    345/LF Makhdoom Hussain Akhtar CEO, Bawaqar
    370/L Abdul Rashid Abro M.D., Pacific Chartering & Trading
    417/LF Sikander Ali Memon President, Al-Memon Supplies, Egypt
    423/J Javed Rashid CEO, K-Shoes (Pvt) Ltd.
    427/I Lt.Col(R) Moneir Aslam Malik Owner, Ye Olde Hanghout, Islamabad
    433/Q Safdar Amin Khawaja CEO, Amin Soap & Oil Industries
    439/J Tajammul Husayn M.D. SeasonMaster Engg. (Pvt) Ltd.
    444/LF Raees Ahmed Khan CEO, Agora Consultants
    448/J I.U. Haq CEO, Linked Technologies Inc. USA
    479/LF Khalid Farooq CEO, Kissan Engineering, Lahore
    504/L Naeem Ahmed Saroya CEO,
    510/L Nazir Hussain Shah CEO, Leather UP Ltd
    513/A Nadim Ahmad Ansari CEO, NAA Consulting Engineers
    521/Q Anwar Aziz Farooqui CEO, Global NDE Services
    565/LF Mohammed Islam M.D., Friends Textile, Faisalabad
    567/L Sheikh Perways Inam M.D., Noman Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
    571/L Fayyaz Ahmed Shaikh M.D., Western Silk Mills
    591/L Mohammad Akhtar Rajput CEO, Passage Travels Tours (Pvt) Ltd.
    604/Q M. Zulfiqar Kayani COO, Premier Security Services (Pvt) Ltd
    608/A Saiyid M. Kalim CEO Petarian Engineering Services
    625/LF Sajid Latif Minhas CE, Softlogix
    627/J M. Amanullah CEO, Sensaire Services
    647/J Sajjad Haider Rana M.D., Ahsan Chicks, Gujranwala
    655/I Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi CEO, C&R/Rizvi Architects, USA
    659/A Mian Wamiq Anwar MD, Dimen Associates, Lahore
    664/Q Syed Sohail Shahzada CEO, Intra Foods, Dynatel, USA
    670/A Syed Safdar Saghir CEO, Phaedrus Global Technologies, USA
    671/LF Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui CEO, Techcorp Holding (Pvt) Ltd
    675/A Jahanzeb Arshad EVP, SMS Security Services (Pvt) Ltd.
    679/LF Shujauddin Managing Partner, Shujauddin & Bros
    706/LF Ghulam Abbas M.D., Madadgar Ltd.
    715/L Ch. Muhammad Zaka Ashraf Chairman, Ashraf Group of Industries
    716/LF Samiullah Bajwa CEO, Comstar, Karachi
    718/J Muhammad Junaid Yasin President & Founder,, USA and Ansar Energy LLC, USA
    744/L Khalid Mahmood CEO, const. co. in Kuwait
    748/J Mansoor Shafi President, Roadgear Inc, USA
    758/Q Zahoor Ahmed Khan Wardag MD, Wardag Engineering Services
    773/L Tarik M. Yusifzai President, Hughes Arabia Ltd, Saudi Arabia
    785/I Kamal Shahid Hussain Regional Manager, Hewlett Packard for the Gulf
    792/L Dr. Abdul Ghani Ansari MD, Ansari Sugar Mills, Matli
    821/L Iftikhar Haider Zaidi Director, ACB Forwarding Systems (UPS)
    848//J Khalid Khan CEO, Stronghold Associates
    860/J Mahmood Anwer Kalim Owner, Galaxy Inn & Suites, USA
    864/I Sohail Nawaz CEO, Can-Am Immigration Services, Islamabad
    886/A Zafar A. Malik CEO, STS, USA
    892/A Anwar Qayum Sher CEO, Sher Consulting, Dubai
    895/Q Syed Zulqadar Ahmed MD, Oramco Agencies
    898/A Khalid Latif Chaudhry MD, International Constructors, Lahore
    906/J Tariq Faisal Malik President, Malik & Assoc, USA
    929/Q Nadeem Ahmed CEO, Guards Mark
    932/L Jawed Ahmed CEO, Equant Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
    941/A Azher M. Khan CEO, Calderon Textiles, USA
    964/Q Ghiasuddin Sidiqi Owner, Grid International Holding BV
    965/A Pervaiz Akhtar MD, Campus Builders, Lahore
    971/I Maqbool Max) Babri CEO, The Konsultants, Lahore
    973/LF Muhammad Ibrahim CEO, Sachal Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
    990/I Muslim Khan CTO, NTS, Indonesia
    6811/I Muhammad Ayub CEO, Petrocon, Islamabad
    6826/L Mahmood Rahman MD, Rox International Aviation Services, Bangladesh
    6848/J Pervez Iqbal (Leiah) MD, Kooltex (Pvt) Ltd.
    6869/J Aijaz Hussain MD, SLD Cotton Ginning, Mirpurkhas, Chairman Sindh Cotton Ginners Association
    6888/Q Naeem Akhtar MD, Shah Muhammad & Sons, Multan
    6889/J Manzar Qayum Pal MD, Pal Textile, Karachi
    6890/L Saifuddin Shafi CEO, Paknet Pakistan
    6896/L Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza Chairman, Mirza Sugar Mills
    68140/J Zahid Muneer MD, Evermarine Ltd, Karachi
    6929/I Aftab Alam Khan CEO, Gestetner, Karachi
    6987/A Dr. Syed Ali Aamer CEO, Medpath Lab & Diagnostic Center, Lahore
    6988/LF Rashid Mumtaz CEO, Shaheen Knitware
    6993/A Suhail Hameed Siddiqi CEO, Multi Image Graphics Printing, CA, USA
    69133/I Ghulam Nabi Qureshi CEO, Aisha General Hospital
    7016/LF Dr. Syed Khursheed Enam CEO, Monolithic Solutions, USA
    7017/I Mumtaz Muslim CEO, Norinpaco Ltd
    7062/L Choudhary Haseeb Rasool MD, Safdar & Co.
    7084/LF Ibne Hasan Kazmi MD, Buraq Services Enterprises
    70107/Q Sohail Masood CEO, Al-Ata Leasing Modaraba, Lahore
    70112/L Khalid Masud Ansari CEO, Peat Marvick Middle East
    7116/LF Sardar Ahmad Khan CEO, Laktron, Karachi
    7156/L Mohammed Javed Iqbal CEO, Paragon Associates, USA
    7184/Q Abdul Qayum Bilwani MD, Arabstar Trading LLC, Dubai
    71109/LF Mohammad Zubair MD, Zaid Construction
    7222/LF Mohammed Farrukh Khan CEO, Xelleration, USA
    7280/L Shafqat Abdullah Memon Partner, Abdullah Memon & Sons, Karachi
    7301/J Najeeb Mushtaq Khawaja MD, MS Paper Board & Mills, Islamabad
    7312/Q Kamran Haque MD, Arabian Drilling Co, Saudi Arabia
    7321/A Shuja Zaidi GM, Hilton Hotel & Towers, Makkah
    7342/Q Abdul Waheed Khan CEO, Petarian Associates Real Estate
    7364/LF Mahmud ul Haq CEO, Compass International, USA
    73108/I Mahyar Dhatigara Owner, Aquaganza Sports
    73123/A Iftikhar Akram CEO, SIS Services
    7402/L Wasif Malik CEO,
    7405/I Dr. Mohammed Javed Khan CEO, Ahsa Inc, Canada
    7420/L Zafar Iqbal Memon CEO, Popular Service Station
    7433/A Dr. Saad Ziaur Rab Khan CEO, West County Physicians LLC
    7435/I Khurrum Nadeem Khan CEO, Way to Go Corp, USA
    7436/Q Khalid Hussain Mahesar CEO, Associated Group
    7437/J Saleh Ahmed Khan President, Oncan Enviro Trade, Canada
    7447/I Tariq Ghori M.D., Matco Group of companies
    7454/Q Ziauddin A. Shah M.D., Shoa (Pvt) Ltd.
    74104/L Shahid Mahmud CEO, Inter-Active Communications (Pvt) Ltd.
    74121/L Shaukat Ali Baloch CEO, Maritek
    7518/Q Mahmood Baweja M.D., Hotel Regency Plaza, Karachi & CEO Baweja Automobiles
    7538/L Dr. M. Shahid Iqbal COO, Paragaon Assoc, USA
    7550/L Khurshid Ahmed Mughal CEO, Sequel Systems Inc, USA
    7557/A Nadeem Ahmed Nisar CEO, NIPA Motors
    7581/A Tariq Hafeez CEO, Worldwide Technologies Inc, USA
    7582/LF Muhammad Khursheed Khan CEO, Shalamar Hotel, Karachi
    7587/A Mohammed Iqbal Nohrio CEO, Dawud Khamisa & sons
    7589/Q Shahid Hamid President, Pegasus Legacy
    7593/LF A. Rauf Chandio M.D., Oscar Associates
    7640/LF Saeed Ahmed Mahesar MD, Hotel Hill Park, Islamabad
    7651/A Farook Ali Khan President, Syna Systems, Karachi
    7676/LF Zubair Ahmed Rao President, Advanced Micro Systems, USA
    7787/A Shahab Ahmed Siddiqi President, Mussulman Co. Inc, USA
    77125/I Azhar Iqbal Kayani CEO, Fires R Us, UK
    7837/J Bhibekshan M.Chowdhry CEO, Shivnet Inc., USA
    7851/L Dr. Mashhood Qazi CEO, Softek Consulting Services, Canada
    7863/L Nadeem Soomro CEO, NetTeam Mgmt Sys Ltd, UK
    7866/I Nadeem Ahmed Sheikh CEO, Biznet
    7886/J Shoeib Yunus CEO, Dreamznet Inc, USA
    78100/A Ulfat Mehmood Alpial CEO, Alpial LLC, USA
    78116/A Farhat Nawaz Raja M.D., MCTD, UK
    7943/J Aamir Jamil President, Altanova, USA
    7976/LF Shunaid Qureshi CEO, Al-Abbas Sugar Mills & Thatta Cement
    7988/LF Pervez Ahmed CEO, Flair Corp.
    7993/A Adil A. Baloch Founder/Principal, Baloch Consulting Services, USA
    79113/I Nasir Ahmed Mehmood CEO, Han Investments LLC, Dubai
    8083/I Javed Ahmed CEO, New Jubilee Life Insurance
    8160/Q Tariq Yousuf Memon M.D., MyStar for Computer, Saudi Arabia
    8172/I Roop Kumar Dodani CEO, RKD Consulting, USA
    8179/Q Tariq Aziz Memon CEO, Friends Distribution Network
    8255/J Shahbaz Ali Memon President, Tarmin Solutions, UK
    82105/I Shahbaz Ali Malik M.D., Popular Group of Ind., Karachi
    82135/J Malik Anwar Jamil Kasi M.D., Kasi Food Industries
    8349/J Imran Abuzar Hussain CEO, Synametrics Technologies, USA
    8434/LF Ali Akbar COO, Smart Business Solutions, UAE
    8469/A Ali Akbar Supariwala CEO, Accubyte, USA
    8473/J Zafar Hussain Arain M.D., BP Dargaville, New Zealand
    8480/L Rizwan Hanif CEO, SUV Auto Mobiles (Pvt) Ltd.
    84112/LF Rehan Mehmood M.D., Star Tex Enterprises
    84115/J Sohail Bari CEO, Home Essentials, USA
    8595/I Syed Ahmer Ghazi CEO, Innovative Integration
    85135/A Nouman Ahmed Khan President, Indus Ventures Ltd, Canada
    8815/A Dr. Ahmed Ali Gopang CEO, Shifa General Hospital, Karachi
    88125/A Syed Kamal Qadri President, Bytek Inc, USA
    89132/Q Mansoor Razaque Qureshi CEO, Cyber Teknology, USA
    89157/J Abdul Ahad Sheikh M.D., Al-Jannat Estate
    N-5/I Capt.(R) Abdul Moiz Mughni, PN M.D., ProfTech Marine, Karachi
    N-68/I Sohail Roshan Ali CEO, Braselton Developers, USA
    Y-5 Mohammed Ali Principal, JDH Corrosion Consultants, USA
    Y-24/J Zahid Mannan CEO, Epic Ventures
  • In Banking
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    652/Q Asmat Sami Siddiqui CEO of N.America Credit Cards, Citicorp, USA
    701/A Tahir Hasan President, Prudential Investment Bank
    715/L Ch. Muhammad Zaka Ashraf President, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd
    892/A Anwar Qayum Sher CEO, Union National Bank, Dubai
    6890/L Saifuddin Shafi EVP, Habib Bank Ltd.
    6951/A Mirza Saleem Baig EVP, Habib Bank Ltd.
    6959/I Rana Ahmad Humayun CEO, Pakistan Kuwait Investment Fund
    7123/I Shaikh Abdus Sami EVP, Soneri Bank Ltd.
    7523/I Qaisar M. Zaman Director, Arcapita Bank, Bahrain/UK
    7791/J Hasnain Yousuf Ali Khoja Head Credit Card Services, Royal Bank of Scotland
    79123/L Muhammad Saad COO, Modaraba Al-Mali
    8046/LF Syed M. Ali Jaffery Head of Mutual Funds, National Commercial Bank, Bahrain
    N-37/Q Muhammad Shahzad Sadiq CFO, Prime Commercial Bank
  • In Airlines
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    172/LF Bilal Haider Rana Captain 747, PIA
    230/J Khwaja Hashimuddin Ghazi Captain PIA
    279/J Khalid Iqbal Captain 747, PIA
    314/LF Mumtaz ul Haq Captain PIA
    673/A Major(R) Shahid Hussain Captain Fokker PIA
    804/A Shahid Hussain Captain PIA
    813/J Imran-ul Islam Captain PIA
    924/J Nadeem Khan Yousufzai Captain PIA
    963/I Syed Ghulam Qadir Shah Jamote Director  PIA
    6817/I Niaz Ahmed Captain B-777, PIA
    6862/A Mohammad Kamran Akhtar Captain Air Blue
    68102/L Obaidur Rehman Jatoi Captain PIA
    6910/Q Shahid Hussain Rizvi Captain PIA
    7030/Q Muhammad Suhail Captain PIA
    7087/J Sq.Ldr.(R) Azizullah Qazi Captain PIA
    71105/J Aurangzeb Hashmat Khan Captain PIA
    7250/L Riffat Saeed Akhtar Captain PIA
    72112/LF Humayun Wahid Shaikh Captain PIA
    7461/J Rashid Akbar Captain PIA & Qatar Airways
    7816/LF Manzoor Bhabhan Emirates
    7966/Q Usman Jamil Khan Captain PIA
    8338/L Babar Ahmed Baluch Captain Airbus, Gulf Air
  • In Education
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    25/J Dr. Raza Mohammed Shaikh Principal Dental College, LMCH
    28/J Fayyazul Haq Arain Professor, NY Maritime Agency
    98/J Air Comm. Khayyam Durrani Principal, Army Public School, Karachi
    108/A Lt.Col.(R) Mushtaq Rasool Founder, Roots Montessori & High School
    120/A Nafees Siddiqui Founder, Rawalpindi Public School
    196/L Bakhat Ali Jumani Pro Rector, Bahria University
    236/J Vice Adm Farooq Rashid Rector, Bahria University
    217/LF Dr. Shahid Ilyas Dhami Vice Chancellor, State University of Bangladesh
    302/A Ahmed Tariq Rehman President, Newport University, Rawalpindi
    374/A Dr. Ramchand N. Oad Professor, Colorado Univ, USA
    473/L M. Aslam Rajput Assoc. Prof., Govt Muslim Science College
    483/L Capt.PN(R) Ahmed Zaheer Principal DHA Degree College, Registrar IBA Karachi
    533/Q Dr. Nasim Akhtar Khan Rector, Hamdard University
    556/A Mohammed Nauman Ozair Professor, NED Univ, Karachi
    584/LF Raza Kamal Minhas Founder & Administrator, Foundation Public School, Karachi
    589/LF Cdre. M. Abid Saleem Principal, Cadet College Petaro
    671/LF Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui Honorary Advisor, IRI, Int'l Islamic Univ, Islamabad, & Professor of Ethics, Shifa College of Medicine
    695/A Dr. Asim Hussain Founder & Chancellor, Ziauddin Medical Univ
    766/LF Lt.Col.(R) Sultan Sikander Ghumman Founder & Principal, Cadet College Sialkot
    772/J Mohammed Saood Khan Principal, Govt. High School, Sindh
    879/L Dr. M. Naeem Choudhry Asst. Prof., Nishtar Medical College
    946/I Dr. Naim Sipra Professor Finance, LUMS
    965/A Pervaiz Akhtar Founder, University of Lahore
    971/I Maqbool (Max) Babri Visiting Professor, LUMS
    983/Q Dr. Amir Hamid Jafri Professor, Davis & Elkins College, USA
    6897/A Dr. Muneer Junejo Professor, LUMHS
    68109/J Dr. Najam Qureshi Assoc. Prof. Orthopedics
    68119/LF Dr. M. Javed Asif Assoc. Prof., Sh. Zayed Hospital
    68134/I Dr. Khalid Rasheed Professor, LUMHS
    68142/A Cdre. Imran Ansari Commandant, Pakistan Marine Academy
    68155/A Dr. M. Azhar Chaudhry Assoc. Prof. Medicine, JPMC
    6941/I Capt.PN Fariduz Zaman Director, Bahria Inst. of Management Sc.
    69101/LF Dr. Ashraf Hussain Asst. Professor, Shifa College of Medicine
    7179/J Cdre. Muhammad Aslam Principal, Cadet College Petaro
    7189/I Cdre. S.Imdad Imam Jafri Commandant/Principal, PN Engineering College
    7192/L Rashid Aziz Faruqi Asst. Prof., Bahria University
    72101/I Dr.Bakhtiar Jalil Kidwai Asst Prof Cardiology, Dalhousie Univ Canada
    7345/A Nisar Dastagir Founder & Principal, Pakistan Cadet School & College Murree
    7406/Q Dr. Malik Nazir Ahmed Chairman, Dept of Mechanical & Aerospace Engg, Air Univ, Islamabad
    74105/LF Syed Raza Mujtaba Asst. Prof. SSUET
    7515/A Dr. Amjad Siraj Memon Professor of Surgery, Dow University
    7585/J Hadi Nayyer Hamid Professor, Tech College of Low County, USA
    7820/L Amir Ahmed Khuhro Asst. Prof. Shah Abdul Latif Univ
    7941/I Dr. M. Mujahid Khan Asst. Prof. Anatomy, KKU, Riyadh
    80128/L Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar Asst. Prof. Fed. College of Education
    83122/A Dr. Farhan Rana Assoc. Professor, Cornell Univ, USA
    8482/LF Muhammad Shoaib Khan Founder & Principal, Uswa School, Nawabshah
    8679/J Dr. Faisal Manzoor Arain Academic Chair, Southern Alberta Inst. of Technology, Canada
    N-1/J Capt.PN Altaf Nabi Dar Principal, Cadet College Sanghar
    Y-25/LF S. Saiful Hasan Rizvi Principal, Eilya Academy
  • In Merchant Navy
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    28/J Fayyazul Haq Arain Captain
    47/L Altaf Ahmad Sheikh Captain
    50/A Bashir Ahmad Vistro Captain
    97/A Dr. Ahmed Hussain Makhdoom Captain
    107/L Waheed uz Zaman Captain
    117/LF Muhammad Saleem Baloch Captain
    119/L Razaullah Kirmani Captain
    158/A Hassan Aslam Zubari Chief Engineer
    265/A Mahmood Ali Yousif Captain
    281/L Syed Mohammed Saleem Captain
    340/A Mohammad Wasim Captain
    352/J Riaz Ahmed Chowdhry Captain
    370/L Abdul Rashid Abro Captain
    900/I Ayaz Bari Captain
    7210/LF Syed Ali Imran Zaidi Captain
    7249/J M. Tariq Ismat Sahi Captain
    7265/I M. Yusuf Soomro Captain
    7291/J S. Abdul Qayum Captain
    7382/LF Imtiaz Ahmed Jumani Captain
    N-5/I Abdul Aziz Mughni Captain
  • In NGOs
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    7/J Noor Ahmed Nizamani Executive Director, SPO
    121/L Rear Adm. Anisur Rehman COO, The Citizen's Foundation
    332/A Lt.Gen. S.P. Shahid CEO, The Citizen's Foundation
    439/J Tajammul Husayn Director, The Petarian Foundation
    652/Q Asmat Sami Siddiqui Director, Amina Foundation, USA
    671/LF Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui Chairman, The Petarian Foundation
    766/LF Lt.Col.(R) Sultan Sikander Ghumman Head for Daska, Sialkot Dist, Deaf and Dumb Organization
    74104/L Shahid Mahmud Director, The Petarian Foundation
    7518/Q Mahmood Baweja Director, The Petarian Foundation
    7523/I Qaisar M. Zaman Director, The Petarian Foundation
    N-51/L Syed Naeemul Hasan Founding Chairman, CHAEF, and GM, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust
  • In Media / Publications
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    7/J Noor Ahmed Nizamani Sindh Agriculture Forum & articles in news media
    47/L Altaf Ahmad Sheikh Famous Sindhi writer. Published over 50 books plus articles
    808/LF Dr. Nadeem Zaigham Publisher of PetarianMag and founder of PetarianTalk on Yahoogroups
    6810/LF Yawar Khalil News Editor, The Arab Times, Kuwait
    7402/L Wasif Malik CEO, which is a major web portal for South Asian community
    74104/L Shahid Mahmud Owner of FM radio stations in Pakistan
    7528/LF Syed Khalid Mahmood Sr. Sports Reporter, News/Jang
    75111/Q Nizamuddin Siddiqui News Editor, DAWN
    7753/I Humair Ishtiaq Sheikh Asst. Editor, DAWN
    8195/LF Jami (Javed) Chandio Director Current Affairs, Sindh TV
  • In Sports
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    502/LF Mohammed Zubair Awan Member, Pakistan Hockey Contingent 1973
    509/LF Lt.Cdr.(R) Khalid Jamil Kirmani Member, Pakistan Hockey Contingent 1971, Member Pakistan Athletics Team 1970, Fastest 100m race record holder in Southern West Pakistan 1970
    722/L Rifaquat Ali Cheema Captain, National Football Youth Team
    766/LF Lt.Col.(R) Sultan Sikander Ghumman Member of Pakistan Hockey Team in 1970s & Pakistan Junior Hockey Team
    788/L Mohammed Yunus Changezi (Tarzan) Pakistan Football team. Later on as Coach of National team and PIA team. Baluchistan Minister for Sports
    73120/LF Cdr. Saeed Akhtar Bhatti Planted Pakistan Flag on South Pole
    N-2/I Capt.(R) PN Munir Sadiq Internationally acclaimed yachtsman. Won 3 gold and 2 silver medals at Asian Games 1978, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998 in sailing (record). he also won numerous gold and silver medals at several international yachting championships.
  • In Entertainment and Arts
    Kit no./House Name Position Attained
    109/L Aurangzeb Khan Laghari PTV Artist
    151/LF Muhammad Akbar Bugti PTV Artist in more than 50 dramas
    480/J Masood Parvez Famous Painter / Artist
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